Relaunching an Icon: System Ultra

Relaunching an Icon: System Ultra


To celebrate their 10th anniversary, dk3 are relaunching another bookcase classic from legendary Danish designer Poul Cadovius – SYSTEM ULTRA.




In the wake of the launch of the iconic shelving concept ROYAL SYSTEM in 1948, Poul introduced SYSTEM ULTRA in 1957. SYSTEM ULTRA's space-saving and flexible design was created on the very simple but ingenious basic principle – ​​moving furniture from the floor to the wall to provide more space in the room.

The shelving system consists of wall-mounted moldings, shelves and shackles in powder-coated steel. The characteristic and ultra-thin shelves have a beautifully curved edge, creating an organic profile. All components are available in different colors and sizes, allowing for shelving setups in numerous individual combinations that can be extended over time as needed.

In 1957, Poul Cadovius exhibited at XI Triennale in Milan, where with SYSTEM ULTRA he won a silver medal; a highly sought after award and international recognition of an exceptional design idea.




SYSTEM ULTRA white powder coated steel brass LB24



Shelves: Powder-coated steel

Hangers: Raw brass or powder-coated steel



Black, white, sand grey or green