"Made for Home. Made for Life."

PBJ Furniture has had a tradition of bringing together furniture architects and certified cabinet makers since 1968. This has turned the company into an exponent of Denmark’s proud traditions in furniture – as when creativity and quality unite, the result reaches new heights.

Based on their Wood and Vision philosophy, PBJ combine good furniture craftsmanship with refreshing functionality, distinctive mode of expression and powerful ideas. Their competencies cover everything, from wood, veneer and painted surfaces to a curious and often nontraditional use of, among other things, laminates, linoleum and upholstery in chairs.

A designer’s creativity always gets a marked boost when his or her ideas are developed further by the workman, the person who is familiar with everything about materials, techniques and options. The result is furniture with idea and identity, form and function, finish and finesse, dynamics and details. 



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