It all began in 1939, as a love story…

Designer of the first pedal bin.

Holger Nielsen, the owner of a metal factory, had just married Marie Axelsen in Randers, a town in Denmark. Marie was a hairdresser, and she decided to open her own salon. Money was tight, so she asked her husband to help furnish the salon with, among other things, a practical waste bin. After many days labouring in his workshop, Holger presented Marie with his handmade stainless steel and rubber Vipp pedal bin – and she was delighted!

The Vipp bin was never intended to be sold. But, like Marie, the customers of her salon fell in love with the beautifully designed bin and thought it would be perfect for their husbands' dental clinics and medical practices. This sudden demand for the Vipp bin prompted Holger to start production on a large scale.

Today, Vipp is a third generation family business with a growing range of products ideal for the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom, all still manufactured using the characteristic Vipp materials - steel and rubber.

Holger used to say "Good design never goes out of fashion" and time has proven him right. The Vipp bin has only been marginally improved since it was invented more than 70 years ago. It has become internationally recognised as a design classic and was accepted into the architecture and design collection of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York in 2009.


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