B&O Earphones

By Bang & Olufsen


B&O Earphones
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Adjustable for better sound. With conventional earphones much of the sound never makes it into the ear. These earphones are specially developed to closely match the contours and curves of the ear – so you hear the sounds that would otherwise slip away. Outstanding acoustics and ergonomics: Each element can be manoeuvred up or down and side-to-side to ensure the perfect fit. In fact, B&O Earphones are adjustable in so many ways, and are so comfortable to use, you might end up wondering whether you are actually wearing them or not. Inside, they contain many of the same acoustic competences found in our larger loudspeakers, just miniaturised. Earphones In-flight Adaptor accessory: The in-flight adaptor allows you to plug our great sounding, compact Earphones into the double mono sockets found on most airliners. Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery

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