BeoLit 12

By Bang & Olufsen

BeoLit 12
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The BeoLit 12 is a portable music device that is can be used anywhere. In the living room - Watch a great movie on your iPad, click the AirPlay icon and you instantly enhance the experience with the awesome sound of BeoLit 12. On the dance floor: BeoLit 12 will not only play your music, but everyone with an iPhone can pitch in — and it’s simple too. Just wait for a song to finish, choose the BeoLit 12 speaker from any iPhone and you get to be the DJ of the party. In the Kitchen: Bring your music to where you are. Got that perfect cooking playlist on your iPhone? Connect (with or without cable) to BeoLit 12, turn up the volume and you are all set for some sound cooking. In the garden: With the built-in battery you can enjoy your favourite music on the move. Hide the power cord in the integrated compartment -no cord lying around - or forgotten.