Cavius 10 Year Smoke Detector Compliance Pack (3 pack)

By Cavius


Cavius 10 Year Smoke Detector Compliance Pack (3 pack)
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The smallest smoke detector in a new design with a 10 year long life battery. Although the battery is not replaceable, the alarm has a life of 10 years, it’s a perfect balance. The CAVIUS Smoke detector is a photoelectric smoke detector (sometimes referred to as optical). Its biggest appeal is its size, people just love it! It is the world's smallest smoke detector and its a modern sleek design will not detract from your decor. The CAVIUS Smoke detector has a loud 85 dB alarm and a red flashing LED, so it will definitely be heard and seen. It also has a hush button, so if there is smoke which causes a false alarm you can deactivate it and it will shut down for 10 minutes giving enough time for the air to clear and then it will automatically reactivate. -10 year longlife battery - Fire Service Approved -A penetrating sound at 85 dB(A) at 5 meters -10 minute pause option -30 day low battery alert -Unique smart-slip ceiling mechanism -Aesthetically designed Easy installation -Environmentally friendly -New Zealand Building Code Compliant - It does not contain radioactive material like the traditional ION smoke detectors. - And best of all it is designed in Denmark. Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery

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