Curve Extension Dining Table

By PBJ Designhouse

Curve Extension Dining Table
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A modern interpretation of mid-century design. Curve is created to fit small living spaces, and expand an additional one metre when needed to accommodate friends, family and visitors. Drawing a straight line to mid-century Danish design, this table is an evergreen. Curve easily expands with a 50 cm extension plate integrated on either end of the table, extending the length another metre, thus going from 4 seats to accommodate up to 8 people. The wood grain continues on from the table through to the extension plates, creating a seamless look to the table. When the extra length is not required, simply slide the extension plates easily back under the table. No tools required when extending/reducing the table.


Available In Oak, Black Oak & Walnut
Range of linoleum top colours
Table Sizes W x L:
82 x 82/152 cm
82 x 122/220 cm
84 x 142/242 cm
95 x 180/280 cm
Dimensions H: 75 cm
Materials Oak, Walnut, Linoleum
Finishes Lacquer

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