Jeppe Utzon Table

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Jeppe Utzon Table
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The JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1 balances a sublime contrast between the naked wooden material and the selected crafted details. With sizes up to 300 cm, the table is robust enough to serve a natural gathering point in both meeting rooms and dining halls, yet detailed enough to stand out. JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1 is a solid table made as a "sandwich construction", which significantly minimizes natural movements compared to other solid tables. In the new material "BauBuche", the construction is a normal solid wood construction. Beneath the table is a discrete steel cable, which can be adjusted with an ordinary wrench to achieve stability and prevent deflection over the years. Jeppe Utzon has achieved international acclaim as an architect and designer, and the cross-creative DNA comes from no stranger. Jeppe Utzon's grandfather was a famed Danish architect Jørn Utzon - the architect and designer of the Sydney Opera House. As his grandfather, Jeppe Utzon allows detail and totality to work together in a unified expression that has genuine global appeal, and this design philosophy is truly embodied in JEPPE UTZON TABLE #1.


Available In Wild Oak & Wild Walnut
Dimensions H x W x D: 72 x 95 x 160-300 cm
Materials Wild Oak, Wild Walnut
Finishes Oil, White Oil or Soap

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