Leander Junior Bed

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Leander Junior Bed
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As your baby outgrows their cot it is time to consider which type of bed to transition into. Children’s behaviour and needs are different from ours. They spend a lot of time on the floor, and their imagination takes them places we can’t even dream of. The Leander Junior Bed is smaller than a single bed and frees up floor space for playing. The bed’s design allows short legs easy access in and out of it, which encourages independence and also lets the bed be part of the play. Often the transition happens because a new baby needs the cot. When a sibling arrives into the family, routines are turned upside down. Designer Stig Leander therefore created the Leander Junior Bed as an individual product so your child can have continuation and familiarity. It is also a wonderful option for those who didn’t sleep in a Leander Bed as a baby. Withstands up to 100kg. Includes mattress and mattress protector.


Designer Stig Leander
Available In Beech or Whitewash
Dimensions H x W x L: 54 x 70 x 150cm
Materials Beech