Light Arch Mini - 3 Set


Light Arch Mini - 3 Set
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LightArch Mini consists of single candlesticks which, when put together in a three or more set, creates your own personal candle holder. LightArch Mini is made up of a minimum of three sticks, each holding a candle, Each stick curves beautifully, reflecting the glow from the flame. The arches may be put together in an indefinite number of ways, only limited by your imagination. This rather unusual flexibility allows you to create your own unique candle holder. Both the mini and the large LightArch sets comes in an elegant wooden box – perfect for stowing the sticks away when not in use. Allow 5 -10 working days for delivery.


Designer Knud Holscher
Dimensions 18 x 11 x 18 cm
Materials Stainless Steel

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