Oak Board - Medium - No. 62

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Oak Board - Medium - No. 62
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Oak Board Medium is a good size for a bit of everything. This board is the one you always have on your kitchen table to chop whatever is needed and to cut the smaller roast. Also good on the breakfast table for a freshly baked bread. Oak Boards are a series of cutting and serving boards made of thick solid oak wood. The design is the output of a playful session with geometric shapes. Circles inside circles, different angles and curves create the unique look and functional shape. The rounding between the two circles makes a deep and wide groove for collecting liquids and crumbles. The elegant, curved edge provides you with a good grip which makes it easy to flip the board and invites you to use both sides. Use Oak Board in the kitchen as a basic cutting board or as a serving board at the dining table for various tapas, sushi, bread, roast etc. When not in use, the board creates a delicate decoration, stored up against the wall at the kitchen tabletop.


Dimensions L410 x D260 x H250 mm
Materials Solid oak wood / Food safe oil

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