Panton One Chair

Panton One Chair
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In 1955, Verner Panton designed his first chair, the Tivoli chair, for a restaurant in Tivoli, Copenhagen. In 2003, the chair was re-launched by Joakim Lassen, and the Panton One Bar Stool was designed on the basis of Verner Panton’s written thoughts about other versions of the chair. The Tivoli chair was awarded Best Classic at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 2004 by the magazine Bo Bedre, and has since been renamed the Panton One chair after a legal battle with Tivoli Gardens. The Panton One Chair has a hand-woven seat made from UV-protected polyurethane, with a nylon core.


Designer Verner Panton
Available In Black, Red and White
Dimensions H x W x D: 87 x 55 x 42 cm Seat Height: 49 cm
Materials Polyurethane, Stainless Steel