PH Snowball

By Louis Poulsen

PH Snowball
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Poul Henningsen designed Snowball in 1958, and it was exhibited together with PH 5 at the Danish Museum of Decorative Art. However, Snowball received no particular attention on this occasion, and was only re-launched and manufactured in 1983. The fixture emits comfortable glare-free, diffused light. The matte-painted under surface and glossy top surface result in an attractive reflection of the diffused light, creating uniform light distribution around the fixture. When the light is switched on, the top portion is illuminated while the bottom part remains dark. The frame is made of a high-lustre chrome-plated aluminium, and the shades are made of spun aluminium. Maximum 300 watt bulb. Includes 3 metre cable.


Designer Poul Henningsen
Dimensions H: 390, Ø 400 mm
Materials Aluminium
Finishes White Gloss Paint
Weight 3.0kg