PH 5 Pendant Lamp

By Louis Poulsen

PH 5 Pendant Lamp
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Poul Henningsen designed the PH5 lamp for Louis Poulsen in 1958. The PH5 lamp is considered to be a classical masterpiece and the ultimate functional style icon. Poul Henningsen named it the PH5 because the diameter of the top shade is 50 cm. The number "5" refers to 5 dm (19.7"). The PH5 lamp provides a glare free illumination. The design of the visible reflectors ensures that light is directed both vertically and horizontally. Light is diffused through a sandblasted glass shield located in the lower shade. The inside cone is painted red, and together with the small blue reflector creates a warmer tone of light. The Louis Poulsen PH5 pendant lamp was designed to hang low above a table while at the same time giving a moderate light to the surroundings. Regardless of how the lamp is installed and no matter which incandescent bulb it is furnished with, the PH5 is completely glare-free. Bulb: Max 200w


Designer Poul Henningsen
Dimensions (mm) Dia 500mm Height 285mm
Materials Spun Aluminium, Purple rolled aluminium struts, Matte White paint.

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