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Enfolding the light and lightness of a crisp and blue skied winter day, is the subtle playfulness of the Snowflower, hovering like a delicate, super-sized bud of snow – an elusive fairytale that you want to catch. Inspired by the Danish masters of light, mencke&vagnby have become directors of light. The Snowflower is drawn with the brushes of light and shade, creating a vibrant translucent pattern, like rays of sun, breezing through a leafy crown. The final touch of gravity performs perfect curvatures on the slender design. Go for ambience and let Snowflower illuminate the important things in your life.


Designer Marcus Vagnby
Available In Black or white
Materials The Snowflower consists of 1 top ring, 1 bottom ring in PBT, 30 ribs made of polycarbonate, a lamp holder with 3 m textile power cord, and 150 identical petals made of polystyrene

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