Toldbod 120 Pendant - Yellow Blossom

By Louis Poulsen

Toldbod 120 Pendant - Yellow Blossom
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The Toldbod pendant is envisioned to be both decorative and functional. The controlled, direct downlight lends an exciting effect to a room and the colour-rendering properties of the light source make the pendant perfect for e.g. workstations requiring high natural colour rendering. Max Bulb: 40 watt


Available In Black Berries (black/green cord)
Misty Blue (light blue/purple cord)
Yellow blossom (yellow/white cord)
Graphite (textured surface/yellow cord)
Cloudy white (white/turquoise)
Dimensions (mm) DIa 120 mm, Height 121 mm
Materials Spun Aluminium with 2.6m Cable (cable colours are interchangeable at extra cost)

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