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WOCA Worktop Oil
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Worktop Oil for the oil finishing of worktops. WOCA Worktop Oil is developed for untreated or previously oiled/sanded wood surfaces. The oil makes the surface highly water and dirt repellent. Use Worktop Oil, Natural, on dark wood species such as mahogany, merbau, teak and cherry, etc. It gives the wood a mellow, golden colour. Use Worktop Oil, white, on light wood species such as ash, oak, beech, maple, birch and pine, to give the wood a beautiful, light colour. Available in natural and white container size 0.75 litre. Tools Brush, roller or lint-free cotton cloths. Possibly oil-wetted sanding paper 320-400 grit and white polishing pad. Please notice! Due to the risk of self-ignition it is important that oil wetted cloths are soaked in water and disposed of in a tightly closed container after use. For a how to guide and video copy and paste the link below into your browser http://www.wocadenmark.com/shop/product/worktop-oil Allow 5 -10 Working days for delivery


Available In Natural, White

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