Six Decades of Poul Henningsen’s Classics

Six Decades of Poul Henningsen’s Classics


1958 was a groundbreaking year for design and architecture – and Denmark was fortunate to be home to a historic suite of these innovations. 

It was in this year that Poul Henningsen gave the world the PH 5, PH Artichoke, and PH Snowball, redefining modern illumination and shaping the course of Louis Poulsen’s history.

To celebrate six decades of Poul Henningsen’s classics, Louis Poulsen are releasing the PH Artichoke in brushed brass, and the PH 5 and PH 5 Mini in polished copper for the first time in their colourful history. 




The profoundly influential and daring designer, architect, author, and cultural critic Poul Henningsen left his mark on many areas of Danish thought and design, and built a legacy that remains integral to Louis Poulsen's work.