ARCHI - Nordic Living

Nordic living brings to life iconic products in a sleek and distinctive Nordic impression. The entire collection is a testament to an illustrious credo "form follows function", designed and crafted for the future. Night and day. Light and dark. These emotive contrasts are personified throughout the product collection.

Light Point

Light Point Copenhagen develops, produces and distributes lighting products, combining creative solutions with stylish Scandinavian design and a high level of quality. Cast aluminium, the latest LED technology and pure, aesthetic design are their three most essential components in an extensive and growing product range.


Ro creates objects of art, craft, and design, with materials in a professional and sensual manner. All of Ro’s objects are born as a constructive dialogue between the curator and designer, and the collection includes both commercial design products and unique art objects.

PBJ Designhouse

PBJ Designhouse has had a tradition of bringing together furniture architects and certified cabinet makers since 1968. This has turned the company into an exponent of Denmark’s proud traditions in furniture – as when creativity and quality unite, the result reaches new heights.


ASKMAN is a leading Danish family-owned furniture company, producing high quality designer furniture. It was founded by Erik Kaastrup in 1985, and is now run by the Jørgensen family.


We believe that great design, when it’s simple and functional, has the power to make a positive difference in the everyday life of children and their parents. Furniture that encourages movement, play and creativity – and makes life a little easier.

Finn Juhl

Finn Juhl was hugely inspired by both modernism in art and functionalism in architecture. His genius was cross-pollinating these two fields and thus creating a completely new artistic idiom. Like sculptures, Juhl’s designs are created to stand freely in a room...

Skagerak Outdoor

In 2016, Skagerak turned 40. A major milestone for us; an opportunity to look back on some good years and reflect upon what the future may hold.

Skagerak Indoor

Our designs are the result of strong collaborations where things come together beyond expectation and seem so natural, because all parties have the same goal and mindset – it is this feeling we wish to create in the homes of people who have chosen to live among our design.


Founded in 1911 and beginning as an upholstery workshop, Fredericia has always been a family-owned company. A fusion of thought-inherited properties and innovative ideas is what the brand stands for today.


dk3 was established in 2009. Their collection combines exclusive classic and contemporary furniture from great Danish architects and designers such as Børge Mogensen and Poul Cadovius.


You don't buy a sofa every day. When you do, you probably expect it to last a lifetime. At least, that's how Eilersen thinks.

Tom Rossau

Self taught Danish designer Tom Rossau started his career in the basement of his parent’s house in Faarevejle, Denmark.


Felted from 95% New Zealand wool and 5% Gotland wool, Glerups are the cosiest indoor shoes about.