Le Klint 101A

By Le Klint

Le Klint 101A
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The Le Klint 101 was created in 1944 by Kaare Klint, who was an architect at the time and later became a university professor. This lamp is still one of Le Klint's best sellers. The woven plastic sheeting is completely washable and antistatic, and allows a crisp, white light to be diffused from the entire form for stylish and efficient lighting in your living space. Le Klint shades are hand-folded in Denmark from a single flat sheet of plastic. They come ready assembled in a box complete with 2 meters of white flex, a rose cover and an ES lamp holder. 101 pendant light is available in 3 sizes. A: Ø 27 cm.B: Ø 42 cm. C: Ø 34 cm.


Designer Kaare Klint
Dimensions (mm) Ø 27 cm

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